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Photographer: St. Tuan
Sex: Male
Status: Single
Nationality: Earth Man
Country: USA Citizen
Hometown: Southern California
Occupation: Photography Instructor, Journalist,
  Film Producer, Martial Arts Instructor.
Phone: 909-753-6124
Fax: 909-395-5357
sttuan@usa.com, sainttuan@yahoo.com
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Weddings, Portraits, Fashion, Print, Runway, Portfolios, Catalogs, Theatrical,
Journalism, Poster, Calendars, Zed card & Headshot, Film & Commercials.

World renowned photographer St. Tuan will provide:
Superior quality photography and exceptional services.
He is available nationwide & worldwide upon request.

ST. Tuan's Biography

Welcome to ST. TUAN FOTOVISION - Tel: 909-753-6124

St. Tuan - An international photographer, producer, journalist, martial arts instructor, and certified sexual assault counselor. He has been working in the Fashion, Modeling and Movie industries for 20 years. He started his career in Photojournalism in 1995 and began teaching Fashion/Glamour, Wedding, and Landscape Photography 7 years ago. He has judged numerous beauty pageants and fashion shows for the last 13 years. He photographed more than 650 models, actors, celebrities and dignitaries worldwide. He wrote more than 500 articles and featured over 3,500 photos in local, national and international publications in the past 12 years. He has 100 'thank you' cards & letters from clients and a dozen news articles written about his work. St. Tuan travels the world to shoot fashion runway shows and designer collections, architecture and landscapes, sports and weddings, people and documentary photography. As a 5th degree black belt instructor, he teaches martial arts (Ninjitsu & Shaolin Kung Fu) and choreographs movie fights and stunts. He specializes in weddings, print ads, posters, calendars, catalogs, portfolios, Zed cards & headshots, infomercials & commercials.


Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design, Certified Sexual Assault Counselor, Photography Instructor, Master level in Martial Arts, Philosophy, Nutrition.

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Skills & Experience:
Search & Rescue, Snow/Water & Jet Skiing, Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Mountaineering, Windsurfing, Para-sailing, Biking, Tennis, Fitness, Self-defense & Multi-weapons.

Special News Events Covered:
9/11 (45 days in NYC & D.C.), Presidential Debates, Olympics Games & Torch Relays, Academy Awards, US Congress, World Fitness, World Leadership Congress, AIDS Walks, Revlon's, Long Beach Grand Prix, California Speedway Indy Cars Final, NYC & LA Marathons, Santa Anita Park Horse Racing, Disneyland, Bellagio Casino Resort, etc.


Fashion Collections:
Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Emmanuel Ungaro, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Gianfranco Ferre, Donna Karan, Fendi, Chanel, Escada, Givenchy, Tadashi, St. John, the Costume Designs of Six Star Wars Saga, Costume Collections from the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards nominated movies.

Film & Commercials:
"Spider Man" commercial (2002 Universal Studios, production photographer), "Revamped" feature film (2006 Millenium Concept, production photographer), Plasticiser Nail Care System infomercial (2005 St. Tuan Fotovision, producer), "The Theory of Everything" feature film (2005 Blue Yonder Pictures, production photographer), "Ninja For Hire" feature film (1991 USA International Pictures, featured actor & martial arts choreographer), "Jetset Cop" feature film (1992 VM Productions, featured actor & martial arts choreographer), "Exotic Aquatic" video (1995 Golden Lantern Productions, set photographer), "Dead Night" short film (2007 Lyons Film, producer), Sharing God's Love Concert (2007 Our Lady Of Peace Institute, writer & director).

Special Exhibition:
"A Tribute to the Heroes and Victims of 9/11" (2002 Millard Sheets Gallery, Pomona Fairplex), a special showcase of 74 photographs captured in NYC, at Ground Zero and the Pentagon, nearly 500,000 people from around the world attended for a period of 45 days. NBC Channel 4 News broadcasted this special photo exhibition at 11:00 am on September 10, 2002.

Special 2005 Calendar:
"The Highlanders of Northwest Vietnam" (A special Collector's Edition featuring the ethnic minorities such as the Black H'Mong, Red Dzao, Thai, Miao from Sapa, Lai Chau and Dien Bien Phu).

Immediate Casting:
Beautiful models wanted for the 2008 Exotic Bikini Car-lendar. This is a fundraising charity project. All proceeds will go to Catalyst Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Minnesota that provides financial and logistics supports to shelters and orphanages in Vietnam. These shelters house abandoned children and young girls who are kidnapped and trafficked for sex slavery in Cambodia and Thailand.



A Cry for Humanity

By St. Tuan

In the interest of bringing awareness to the world communities and raising money to help the less fortunate children in Cambodia, who live in serious poverty and work in filthy brothels, we want to contribute our humble part in making their lives more desirable and meaningful. Indeed, a change for the better. Therefore, we call on you to continue supporting us so we could carry out our mission to the fullest. Your support and contribution are greatly appreciated.

As an investigative reporter/photojournalist, I have traveled to many corners of the globe in the last decade. I have witnessed atrocities and suffering of innocent victims and have seen injustice at its worst in war-torn nations and third world countries. There were nights I cried silently in my bed and asked myself: Are they the children of the lesser gods or are they simply the victims of injustice and dysfunctional social systems? Why do they have to suffer so much while wealthy people are wasting so much money for meaningless things? The spare change of the wealthy could save thousands of lives everyday.

As a certified sexual assault counselor, I have visited shelters in Vietnam in the recent years. These shelters house young victims of sex slavery between the ages of 5 and 21, who have been rescued and/or escaped from brothels in Cambodia. While I was counseling them, I can see the permanent scars on their fragile bodies and the emotional distress in their eyes. Some of them have suffered tremendous physical and psychological abuse from tortures, while they were working in the brothels. Others were mentally tormented from flash backs. Fortunately, at that time they were living in better conditions for rehabilitation and occupational training.

These innocent victims are the abandoned children, the poor orphans and young girls in Southeast Asia being kidnapped and sold to prostitution houses everyday by those heartless human traffickers. This heinous crime against humanity should motivate people of good conscience into taking concrete action for the weakest among us. So, I would ask you to join us to be the voice for the voiceless.

A full grasp of the facts and circumstances is of crucial importance for our awareness. Thus, let us update you with some factual information regarding the current human trafficking situation in the world we live in:

  • Over 800,000 people were trafficked and sold across international borders last year.
  • 70% of these victims were women and 50% of them were children under the age of 18.
  • 30,000 of these children died from AIDS related to sex slavery; some were brutally and fatally beaten; others were murdered inside the brothels.

In Cambodia, the statistics are even more unbelievable:
Each year, there are about 55,000 children under 18 being forced to work in brothels all over the country. The high ranking and corrupt local police commanders own some of these brothels.

  • 50% children can't read and 75% can't write
  • 60% children were kidnapped and sold to the brothels
  • 65% children from very poor families
  • 70% children were gang-raped
  • 75% children are Vietnamese
  • 80% victims under 24 year of age
  • 95% victims are forced to work 7 days a week
  • 100% victims must pay bribery to local corrupted polices for protection.

Most of these victims will die before they reach their 30th birthday. Sadly, some children are ten years or younger. They are the prime victims of sexual predators who come from many different parts of the world and carry HIV/AIDS and other STDs. These men manipulate and persuade their innocent preys that the only way to cure their mortal diseases is by having sex with virgins and young children. Notoriously, some of these children are gang-raped by not only 10 but also sometimes 15 or 20 faceless men a day. This is another manifestation of godlessness that has crept into modern but destructive society.

The most important question for each and all of us is: What are we people of a so-called civilized world, going to do about this grave social tragedy today?

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