Name: Truc Ngo Thi Hoang
Sex: Female
Nationality: Vietnamese

Location: Ut. USA
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 110 lbs
Color of Hair: Brown
Color of Skin: Fair
Color of Eyes: Brown/Gray
Bust / Chest: 34
Waist: 26
Hips: 34
Suit / Dress: small (4)
Shoes:  5/heels 4/tennis


Sheek Modeling Agency, Fashion Shows for Vanity, Dillard's and community
Participated in the 2003 Nationals Preliminary Pageant Program and currently active with Youth of America Pageant.


1. What are your best attributes?
I have an awesome smile and long fine hair that sits at my waist and others sure loves it. I?m friendly, outgoing, ambitious, reliable, honest, and I have outstanding work ethics.

2. What qualities do you admire in a person, and what qualities do you disapprove of in a person?
The person who I would admire must be honest, ambitious, positive, outgoing, well spoken, and humble. I disapprove of individuals who are negative, rude, and ignorant.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In ten years I see myself accomplishing my goals and dreams, living in Houston, Texas employed as a Hygienist, happily married, and maybe with kids.

4. What are your short-term & long-term goals?
My short-term goal to be successful with the pageants I will be participating in for the coming year, 2005. Be even more active with the Vietnamese community here in Utah, to help bring the awareness, yes, we do have a Vietnamese community here. Finish school to become a Hygienist by the age 25, and start my own family by age 30. My long-term goal is to always be there for my family, always be myself, be a fabulous role model for the new generation, take advantage of what life has to offer, help others with what I could offer, and never give up on life.

5. What are your hobbies?
My hobbies involve singing, dancing, choreographing dances, modeling, writing, exercising, traveling, attending the Vietnamese concerts for social dancing, be productive with the Vietnamese community and the extracurricular activities at school, be active with pageants, community services and charity work, hanging out with my family and friends, going out for movies, jet skiing, fishing, boating, decorating my room, and shopping.

6. List any special talents, achievements / awards / honors:
Dance, Honor Society, Honor roll, History Fair: 1st place in school, State, and top 10 National, best worker of the month for Alamo reservations, Vice Pres. of the Asian Student Association (ASA), 1st runner up for Miss Teen Utah 2004, and will be participating in the National Miss Teen USA in Florida, Aug. of 2005,

7. List any previous modeling, pageant, show experiences that you have been involved in (if any):
Sheek modeling agency, fashion shows for Dillard?s, Vanity, and the Vietnamese Asian Student Association (VASA), National Preliminary Pageant of Salt Lake City, and Youth Pageant of America competing in Miss Teen category. I also participate in photographs with Photographers, to help the amateur Photographers or for pictures for my portfolio.

8. Who is the one person you would most like to meet? Why?
The one person who I would most like to meet would be one of the monks who have sacrificed themselves using the method of burning their own body to bring the awareness of stopping the Vietnam War. If he were to be alive, I would like to thank him for his love and support for our people and our pride.

9. If you were stuck on an island and could bring one item, what would it be?
If I were to be stuck on an Island and was able to bring one item I would bring my cell phone so call for help.

10. Would u rather love someone or be loved?
If I had one choice of being loved or love someone, I honestly would rather be loved. For someone to come to a point of loving me, for sure I would feel the same towards that individual. I will never lead anyone on to the point of loving me and not feel the same towards that particular individual, because I know how bad it hurts to love someone and not receive the equal love in return.

11. If you were a judge, what 3 qualities of top model would you look for?
a) Poise
b) Attitude
c) The overall look, the overall image of the individual and how they present themselves.

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