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Vietnamese words "nguoi mau" means models in English, and we are the first Vietnamese models and talents website ever in USA to promote Vietnamese beauty and talents globally. Our main goal is to featured and promote Vietnamese beauty to a higher level and get recognize at the international standard using our the internet and website (IT - Internet Technology) as a way to communicate and spread the words.

The last 3 decades, Vietnamese Community reside in U.S.A. is a well established community, we are catching up with the main stream standard in every thing such as: religious, economic, business, psychology, philosophy, and the most important was life style and entertainment. We are the first Vietnamese model and talent web site that offer a high quality, professional, and totally dedicated to promote the beauty and talented Vietnamese all over the world.

Nguoi Mau primary focus has been to elevate the Vietnamese male and female as a symbol of beauty and proud. We encourage everyone and anyone has confident come here and freely express them self either internally or externally through the unique talent, fantastic poise, warm grace, and intellectual strength.

We are base in U.S.A., 12 thousand miles from our home land but our primary goal never been far from promote and keep the Vietnamese Tradition while accepting the new life style at our new home land.

The operation start out with a few unique people and now we have involved with many more people who willing to help the project with one single mind set for something different, that last.

After a few years experience in art, photography, magazine, news, and show business, a young group composite of a few energetic individual decided to launch this models and talents search website for Vietnamese community which we have not had some thing similar before. We feel it is a big jump for most all of us and we asking for your support from the community as well as from our friend's community.

Lastly, Have a nice day everyone.

Models and Talents Wanted:

Join our models and talents for free (no charge). You could be discovered and become a professional models and appear in promotional printing products such as fashion magazines and news papers, calendars, flyers and posters.

Our website featured new models and talented individual regularly, usually weekly and monthly for your maximum exposure.

If you are a talented individual seeking as an amateurs as well as professional models or others talents. We are here at nguoi mau website work hard and love to get your name notice and promote using our website and other means of promotion. we welcome you to join our website and we promised to do our best to promote your career.

Up To Date Progress and Achievement:

Current Number of Team Members: 5
1 Full time involvement and 4 part time/occasional

Since Jan 2004 to Aug. 2004 we have put in average of 2 hours each day to the website for design, research and developments.
Estimated Cost: 8(month)x30(days)x2(hours/day)x25($hourly rate) = $12,000.0

Web R&D and Maintain:
Since August 2004 we have put in average of 4 hours each day to the website for maintain, research and developments.
Estimated Cost: 17(month)x30(days)x4(hours/day)x25($hourly rate) = $51,000.00

Models and Talents:
Each model cost for design and maintain average of 5 hours each. (some are more and depend on the amount of pictures)
We have about 140 models and talents.
Estimated Cost: 140(official pages)x5(avg. hours to design/maintain)x25($hourly rate) = $17,500.00

In conclusion:
Nguoi Mau's Team proudly presents our hard working team members had achieved an impossible task of maintaining this website with all our hard working and with all our talents to build up, maintain and to expand for a better services to our models, talents, user and audience. Our hard work can be convert to cash as shown above with a rough calculation just to show how much we has been done to the website in term of cash, and we will continue to work hard to promote the beauty and the talents of Vietnamese and Non-Vietnamese globally.

($12,000 + $51,000 + $17,500 = $80,500 Would have been cost us if we do not have our volunteer and our dedicated members. So thanks to the team, we considered this is a big amount of worth has been added to the website)

Be our sponsors:

Our website experiencing many difficulties in running out of resources and man power. Since our website still under development and R&D in many features and sections, we worked so hard to make our site complete. unfortunately most of our volunteers are back to school or found a job plus our site's bandwidth exceeding its limit. Please help us out by donate any amount you could to keep our site maintain and grow. We would not want to close it down since it pretty much alive by our team, college students and freelancer who spend a great deal of their time and our expertise to build this website. We would love to keep it alive and make it available for free to all models and models want to be and we would like the help from the community and from sponsors to help us stay and growth to serve our talents better as well as our viewers.

Join Our Team

Want to join our team member please email us at info@nguoimau.com, we are not only in search of models and talents but also in search for exceptional talented team members to join our team.

Most of our team members are volunteer in this project, our team member currently hold many task, and we need to find the perfect person for perfect task. About the job posting we offered were intended for the development of the next phase of Nguoi Mau website, for the current position we are here at Nguoimau.com we are all volunteers with the same goal in mind were to make some thing remarkable, something different and unique.

Currently we are looking for more photographer, photo editor, make up artist, hair dresser, graphic design, web design, web development, marketing and public relation position. Also we are in search to work with a fashion designers, fashion boutiques. If you have time and would like to join our team in a fun and rewarding environment please contact us

We are looking forward to work with you no matter where you are in the world, we are here at Nguoi Mau's Team always welcome you in our team.

Note:  We are now trying to get sponsors to make our site FREE for all applicants and we are trying to make our site FREE forever to the models and talents. Please help us out by visit our site often for update and activities or you can ask your friends and family to visit our site and give us ideas and comments to improve our site to serve you better. Currently we need help in contents for the website, if you have any article of your own or some  one you knows want to post their article on our website please let us know. We are now looking for people from 50 states and the rest of the world to help us out and work with us. If you are photographers, singers, models, dancers, talent scouts, show promoters or any one who want to join our team please contact us for more information.

Our Featured Staff Member

Our Team
Board Members: Nguoi Mau's Team and Associates
Business Development:
Decision Maker: Nguoi Mau's Team
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Marketing Director:
Sale Managers:
Public Relation:
PR Director: Looking...
Website: Looking...
News Editors: Looking...
The Models:
Model Chief of Advisor: Looking...
Co-Model Chief of Advisor: Looking...

The Artists:
Models Choreographer: Looking...
In House Photographer:
Pro. Make Up Artist: Looking...
Photo Editor:

Technical Department:
Technical Director:
T.D. Assistant: Looking...
IT Director: Looking...
Webmaster: Looking...
Sr. Software Dev.: Looking...
Content/Layout: Looking...
Content Manager:
IS Provider: Looking...
Technical Consultants: PeachyMedia's Group
San Diego Correspondents:

Scouts: Looking...
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