Name: Kaitlynn Bao Yen H. Le
Sex: female
Nationality: Vietnamese

Location: Ca. USA
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 108 lbs
Hair color: Dark Brown
Skin color: Fair/Ligh
Eye color: Brown
Chest: 34
Waist: 27
Hips: 34
Suit/dress: 1-2 varies depending on which brand
Shoes: 6-6&1/2 varies depending on which brand



1. What are your best attributes?
In my opinion, my best attributes would have to be my ability to understand others, or try to be as understanding as I can. I'm an honest person, responsible and somewhat independent. I also consider myself to be somewhat ambitious. The reasons why I know this is because every teenager has been through school and the experiences I go through, makes me think these are my best attributes. You know high school always have drama, and I try to be as understanding as I can be. I also think honesty is important and that's first on my book because I expect the same from other. No one deserves to be deceived. If you respect someone, they will respect you back and give you their best honesty. Responsibility is also important. I find my responsibility has strengthen ever since I started college. There are abundant you have to do and I learn how to manage my time and be a responsible person; getting my priorities straight and work done on time. Ambition, I believe is also a good characteristic that I possess. Being ambitious allows me to set goals and accomplish them.

2. What qualities do you admire in a person, and what qualities do you disapprove of in a person?
The qualities that I admire in a person would have to be their ability to always be true to themselves and others. Again this goes back to honesty and self-respect. People treat you with respect and honesty if you treat them the same. I also highly admire someone what very high ambition. When a person is ambitious, it means they have goals to attend to and carry out. You know that you will make something worthwhile out of their life. These people are the people I prefer get acquainted with and be friends because they're optimistic. The qualities I dislike in a person would have to be the opposite of optimism, pessimistic. A person that take things negatively, give up easily and put effort of next to zero in the works that they do. "There's got to be more to life...Well it's life, but I'm sure... there's got to be more, than wanting more" this is totally an ambitious point of view.

3. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'm 18 right now and I'm attending Cal State University of Long Beach. I hope to finish my 4 years by the time I'm 22 and graduate with a bachelor's degree in Finance/Law. Then I'll work part time and get my masters, perhaps to be a legal consultant an executive finance person. I was just recently interested in this major so I will definitely look more into it. So it'll probably take me about till I'm 26 to finish school with my masters and to get a stable job. So before I get off topic, I'll see myself traveling the world at 28 years of age after I've accumulated enough money from all that part time work and school. I deserve a break. I'll travel to all the European countries and Asian countries of the world before I settle down with a family.

4. What are your short-term & long-term goals?
My short term goals is to pass all of my courses in college right now. Something I learn is that you automatically start caring in college because YOU PAY for your classes. Education is so important. It's the big step that leads you to your career. My long term goal is to graduate when I'm 22 with my bachelor's degree and like I mentioned in the previous answer, to go on and get my masters. Finish and find a stable job, and travel travel travel before I settle down and buy a house and start to be a workaholic. Hehe no just kidding, I will try to enjoy my job and start a family. I'm in college right now because I believe a better education equals a better career equal a comfortable life.

5. What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are reading romance novel by Judith McNaught. I've read almost all of her books and they're so so so good. I'm also interested in reading Greek Classic plays by Euripides and Aristophanes. I also play the piano on my free time. And, whenever I
get a chance to, I love to go swimming and hiking. Taking in all the oxygen that those big redwood or pine trees give out is so refreshing. And who doesn't love the scenery? The good exercise? And the andorphins that your body release tha's equivelent to anesthetic, it's like an ecstacy that makes me totally ecstatic, IN A LEGAL WAY, that's ALL it matters!

6. List any special talents, achievements / awards /honors:
Ok, even though you ask for a list, I'm so use to writing proper sentences so here I go. I'm only 18, so I may haven't accomplish much but I see life just exactly like stepping stones, one thing steps to another. In high school, I was part of the MERITS Club, AP (Advance Placement) Club, KEY Club, and Spanish Club. I also did Swimming 2 years of high school and Cross-country 2 years of high school. Why I'm so proud of these extra-curricular activities? Because being a high school student, you're life is also very dramatize and very busy and being able to balance out all these stuff, not just academics meant a lot to me when I look back. Also it helps a lot on your college application and I found out when I apply and got accepted. I worked very hard all 4 years and I also graduated as a MERITS SCHOLAR and as a Candidate of SCHOLAR WITH HONORS. These may seem like mickey mouse accomplishments to others, but it's what takes me where I am today.

7. List any previous modeling, pageant, show experiences that you have been involved in (if any):
Unfortunately, I do not have any experiences, but you have ot start somewhere right? This seems very interesting and as a inspired young adult, I'm just merely finding out new interests in life and see what is good for me.

8. Who is the one person you would most like to meet? Why?
OH MY GOODNESS, I WOULD LOVE TO MEET KEANU REEVES AND MATTY LIU. I know it's so irrelevent but I'm just a girl and it's just one of my childhood obsession you know, my imaginary side of the mind. It's good to be creative once in awhile. Ok, now more of a realistic answer, it would have to be one of my cousins in Vietnam, and two more in Washington State. We never grew up together so it would be great to meet them now.

9. If you were stuck on an island and could bring oneitem, what would it be?
I'm suppose to know the answer to this, I believe it's chocolate. Don't ask me why, I will tell you momentarily after I find out the answer why from the Chemistry teacher. But I know that chemistrically (if that's even a word) Chocolate can do a lot.

10. Would u rather love someone or be loved?
Aww, unfortunately this is a question of "or" so I'd have to choose to love. I will only love someone who loves me, so both ways I win ;-). This question can't be so tricky right? I mean why would you go attach yourself to someone who don't love you. If I love the person, it means that he must have love me and show me the affection and thus I'm returning it ;-)

11. If you were a judge, what 3 qualities of top model would you look for?
a) I would look for an intelligent face with NATURAL Beauty
b) Then I'd look for her ways of answering questions, her goals, her ambition, her values of life. Those are very important because it's what you call "inner beauty" and inner beauty counts a whole lot to me.
c) Congeniality and that is an attribute towards everyone!

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